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HYMNS FOR THE WEEK 4 from Hymnsfortheday

Updated: Nov 9

Second Sunday in Easter John 20:24-29



(These are some repetitions from last week since the Thomas story is the text. O Sons and Daughters of the King is the most appropriate hymn for this text)

30 O Sons and Daughters of the King/O fillii et filliae

31 See your hands are filled with flowers/Dine hender er fulle av Blomster

32 Like the Golden Sun Ascending/Som den gyldne sol Frembryder

33 Up from the grave he arose

34 Stay with us/Bli hos oss

35 Awake my Heart with Gladness/Auf! Auf! Mein Herz

36 Death Must Give way/Døden maa vike

37 God’s Son has Made me Free/Guds Søn har gjort meg fri

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