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HYMNS FOR ADVENT 1 Revised Common Lectionary C

Winter branches in our back year


Beginning this week, every Monday I will append hymns of my own for the Sunday two weeks ahead of the Sunday. While I am reluctant to seem to be pushing my own work, I do want it known. And this venue seems to be appropriate.Given the pandemic, it was difficult to introduce them widely to audiences who could sing them. Most do not know these hymns and it is one way for me to make readers aware of them. As usual, if they are used, the copyright information is there so readers can use the proper methods for copyright permission, etc. to use them. Some times I will comment on them, other times they will simply be there. All of these hymns are to common meters, but these new tunes are fun as well. I have included information on James Clemens and Amanda Husberg in my hymnblogs. Jayne Southwick Cool is new. She set the epistle hymns for series C. A poet and composer she has worked in church music and hymnody for a lifetime. She has contributed to many projects in hymnody in the ELCA. For years she worked as Director of Music at Bethel Lutheran Church in Middleburg, Ohio. She was a fine colleague in this work, helping me with my texts and making sure they fit the tunes. I am very grateful to her.

Finally, I appreciate any and all of you who are interested in these hymns. Thank you very much!

Gospel Reading

Red Morning Glimmers in the East

Luke 21:25-36

Meter: 88 88 88

1. Red morning glimmers in the east,

December's dusk has now begun.

Night's shadows linger unreleased

by faint weak light from winter's sun.

The earth, all nature, slowly wakes

In nameless dread as daylight breaks.

2. Dull panic dawns in us each day

as violence and pain increase.

We wait for what we cannot say

In hopes of words that gleam with peace.

We look to things that do not live

to find a life they cannot give.

3. Now Jesus says the signs are clear

for his return, like budding leaves

that signal summer will appear.

We hear his startling prophecies

that he will come in clouds of light,

and bring an end to dreadful night.

4. So pray your strength will be enough

to meet the terror of that day!

The pangs of birth are sharp and rough,

so be on guard, pray constantly.

For Christ has come to end our gloom.

Rejoice! and see our God has come!

Copyright © 2009 Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.

Old Testament Reading

The Winter Sunlight Fades

On Jeremiah 33:14-16


1. The winter sunlight fades

as darkness fills the skies,

And presences, like ghostly shades,

descend and rustle by.

2. The branches in the trees

seem barren where they stand.

Bereft of life and fruitful leaves,

we fear what they portend.

3. The signs of death are clear,

Will anything survive?

The terror of our world appears

to threaten how we live.

4. "Rejoice," the prophet sounds,

"A branch of green will bloom,

like summer from the barren ground,

and drive away our gloom.

5. "The branch, like winter's rose,

will blossom in the field,

deep crimson red against the snows--

the Son of God revealed."

Copyright © 2012 Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.

Epistle reading

Jesus Christ is coming

1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Meter: 6565 D

1. Jesus Christ is coming,

He is coming soon.

We can see the portents

in the sun and moon.

Pray we will be ready,

ready for his birth,

ready to tell others

ev'rywhere on earth.

2. Jesus comes to change us,

change and make us new.

Only he is holy,

only he is true;

only he can give us

faith that ends in love;

love, his dying passion,

sealed with his dear blood.

3. Jesus makes us holy,

holy, cleansed, and pure;

joyful, he'll receive us

saved by grace assured.

Bring us, Lord, together

with the saints who sing

hymns of joy and wonder

to their heavenly king.

Copyright © 2015 Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.


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