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Jesus' Transfiguration Novgorod 15th century icon

347 I heard the Voice of Jesus Say

348 He walked the Tearful Highway/Han gick den svåra vägen

349 Amazing Grace

350 Come My Way, My Truth, My Life

351 Jerusalem the Golden

352 Jesus, Jesus, Only Jesus/Jesus, Jesus, als nichts Jesus

353 Torches Flicker

354 The Hour in Dark Gethsemane/Den stunden i Getsemane

355 Alas! And Did my Savior Bleed

NB For your Lenten meditations, these sonnets, especially those from 300-366, reflect on Jesus' passion. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, pastor at the Tokyo Lutheran Church in Japan noted that "the poems seized the overfamiliar and render it startling. Her poetic path to the crucifixion and resurrection illuminates and delights." Kindle editions are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

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