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HYMNS FOR ADVENT II John the Baptist Preaches

As promised, hymns for Advent II Series C from my collected works on the Revised Common Lectionary.. John the Baptist and his fiery sermon are the subjects of the hymns. Old Testament Malachi 3:1-4 66 448 66 In fire we see a light That cleanses us of night It burns away Impurities And breaks into the brightest day. It fills our hearts with faith And stills our fear of death. We tremble when we hear That God will soon appear in shining light made clean and bright. And who can stand before the sight that fills our hearts with faith, and stills our fear of death. The fire will cleanse and kill our disobedient will. and make us clean. So once again, We will be rid of shame and sin. Come, fill our hearts with faith, And still our fear of death. Epistle: Philippians 1:3–11
“Repent,” We Hear the Baptist Cry
1. "Repent," we hear the Baptist cry, and all the rush around us dies. The prophets long ago have said there is a better day ahead:
the Word will take on human form, become our flesh and then be born.
In Bethl’hem’s manger, we will meet the one who makes us whole, complete!
2. The advent candles and the star
tell us he’s coming from afar.
A new beginning filled with joy
is born within this little boy.
We cannot see how this will end
but know our Lord will soon descend, be born in us so we can meet
the one who makes us whole, complete.
3. Lord, make us ready for that day
when you will come to us and say: “My own, my dear beloved one,
in you my work is wholly done.”
So look to him, behold his face
that shines on you with love and grace; prepare your hearts so you can meet the one who makes us whole, complete. Gospel: Luke 3:1-4 86 86 88 with Refrain 1. Within our dry and desert hearts We hear a strange voice cry An ancient tongue that fills the dark And lights the rimless sky. It says, "Prepare, prepare the way Prepare, prepare, do not delay." R/Lift your voice, sing rejoice, Jesus comes to you this day! 2. We hear the bells of Christmas ring In all the busy streets, But not the Advent of our king Whom we may fear to meet. For when he comes all things will change The old familiar things made strange R/ 3. Still through our festivals of light Christ comes to set us free, To break the bondage of our night. That day all flesh will see Salvation of our God appear His bright refining fire draw near R/

HYMNS FOR ADVENT II John the Baptist Preaches
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